hello and welcome to my website!  so glad you stopped by to take a look . 
kimberlysblessings was created by me, kimberly, in 2010, as a means to share my creations,  my art, my photos and my thoughts.

here’s a little background and bio......

is an artist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, a registered nurse, challah baker, wife, mother and sender of positive energy and blessings.  Her studio, created many years ago, has inspired numerous works of art that have touched hearts in loving ways.  She initially created “things” using beads and wire, but soon mosaic tile, driftwood, recycled jewelry, and stones, bricks and various “reclaimed” objects became part of her medium. While studying Hebrew to become a bat mitzvah in 2005, she was inspired to make her first yad, (a torah pointer), crafted of twisted wires and hand picked colorful glass beads and stones, and before long her YADS became a coveted gift to others chanting torah.  From there, the inspiration to create various other kinds of spiritual  and fun loving art blossomed.  Recently she fell in love with batiking, and has   integrated this art form with the various other mediums she uses. She is passionate about celebrating shabbat, and living each day with loving kindness.  Her art is an extension of what is in her heart.

In late December of 2009, she lost her youngest son, Zander, Z-money,

(Z$), (Z#33) a well known, well loved, local Pinecrest resident, who was a standout athlete, and friend, and whose fiery spirit touched the lives of so honoring his memory, she began the creation of “blessing wands” which are used to spread/sprinkle positive energy to friends and loved ones and often bring laughter and smiles to whoever is holding the wand or receiving its energy.

If you would like to order a one-of-a-kind yad, customized gift box, blessing wand, mezzuzah, heart key chain, batik pillow or painting, or a specialized gift  created just for you..... please call or email me.  i can be reached at


may your day be filled with all good things...

health  love  joy  peace  shalom


kimberly standiford